Gulf Air provides special services to improve the customer experience

International airlines often come with additional customer services to improve the traveler experience. To reach more customers and simultaneously in an attempt to become a popular option, airlines around the world implement innovative services on their flights. In addition to the availability of cheap international tickets, this is an important criterion that passengers should consider before boarding an international plane. These additional services, which usually come with a few extra charges, ensure that travelers, especially families traveling with huge luggage, can feel comfortable while traveling long distance. Gulf Air, one of the most popular airlines worldwide, offers some of the best services on board according to the opinion of most of its passengers. Several travel portals include these value-added services on their websites, along with the Gulf Air flight status.

The check-in procedure takes a lot of time and can be a nuisance for families with young children. To avoid such problems, this airline provides assistance to these families. Priority check-in facilities and easy boarding ensure that these families have no problem. Flight services for babies on their planes are considered exceptionally good. Sky Nanny is an additional service provided on selected routes on Gulf Air flights. After a successful Gulf Air reservation, passengers can rely on Sky Nanny services to care for their babies, including providing diapers, talcum powder and baby lotion.

Child restraint seats (CRS)

In addition, this international carrier has an interesting arrangement for children from 6 months to 3 years. In accordance with this provision, after completing the required rates, the child is accommodated in specially made child restraint seats. These are made in such a way that the child efficiently hooks himself to his own seat, which is tied to a normal passenger seat, most likely to that of the family in question. This special seat for children is similar to that of a car. It is much better to bring children in this age group in CRS instead of carrying laps. This is a government-approved system, which is safer in case of unpredictable turbulence.

Special facilities for seniors

A wonderful gesture of this airline is the attentive service provided to the elderly who travel alone. Gulf Air provides much needed help to all senior citizens at the time of boarding, on the flight until a successful check-out. The previous reservation allows the provision of available wheelchairs, which are very useful for the elderly, who face difficulties to walk long distances on a stretch. Often, not only the elderly, but also middle-aged people require special diets, which consist of low-fat, low-cholesterol or diabetic foods. This aviation giant offers a subsidy to request such diets at the time of booking the ticket or even one day before the trip schedule. A person who has trouble walking can also be provided a seat near the restrooms.

Empty seat reservation

Gulf Air also gives passengers the possibility to reserve additional seats. In certain cases, a passenger may require an additional seat for added comfort or to accommodate cabin luggage. This arrangement allows a passenger to have an empty seat adjacent to theirs.