Factors to consider when looking for safe airport parking

Before a holiday or business trip, a large number of people choose to take their cars to the airport. If you are away for a few days or even months, you will find an invaluable fun in finding a secure parking space for your car. Most airports provide a wide range of parking options, and it is important to choose the right one.

Here are a number of tips to help you choose the best and most convenient parking option.

Professional parking

When parking your vehicle, you will be able to park on the street and parking in a secure car park. Do not do parking on the street. You risk getting your car stolen. Always go to properly managed parking services. Check the necessary safeguards to ensure that it meets your requirements. Look at various aspects such as investigation, frequency of patrol, presence of fines, etc.


Make sure the car park is well lit and provides safe roads for pedestrians. A dark area increases the risk of theft and damage, among other things. If the parking area is well lit and well planned, it usually means that they have provided security also very important. These days, most parking facilities include the necessary importance for providing safe, travelers friendly facilities.

Distance from terminal

Some parking spaces are far away from the terminal and require you to go far with your luggage or take a long trip on a bus. Even a parking lot near the terminal may require you to take a bus. Before choosing a parking space, be sure to look at, as far as it is from the terminal. Consider the price as well. Typically, the closer a parking space is, the higher they will charge. In addition, remember to check if shuttle service is easy to use by persons with difficulty in walking or on wheelchairs.


Before you get to the airport, be sure to book a room for your car. This guarantees parking for you while saving you money. In addition, you do not have to wait in long queues, which also saves time. Most parking services allow you to book a place either through their website or by phone. Remember to carry any reservation information that you may need as a code number or confirmation message.

Parking at hotel

Most airports have hotels nearby, some of which provide secure parking for the guests. Some hotels offer great deals to guests who stay there also, as a free breakfast. If your flight is early in the morning, you can choose to stay overnight at a hotel, which will give you a relaxed journey. Since these hotels generally tend to be well run, your car will be safe with them as well. This option is more convenient if the hotel offers free transfer to and from your terminal.

Keeping these points in mind allows you to have a comfortable journey without stress about your car's safety.

Source by Adrien Sargent

How to choose the best hotel and best eatery in Paris

When you choose your hotel and eatery you like to visit in Paris, you bought to interpret how much you can spend. You should as well consider that you do not like. Remember that not all eateries in Paris severs French dishes. You have a selection of pizza shops, French diners, rounded menus and much more.

To study facts about Paris's dishes and restaurants, you may want to talk to your local travel agency or take a look online to review the various eateries. If you see how much you can use and taste first, it will help you to make choices. There are many options to choose from the pleasant country of Paris, France.

How to consider hotels in Paris:

The hotel is rated depending on customer service, food, rooms, etc. If you know what hotel you like to live in Paris, you can use the power of the internet and find reviews. Look for the four and five star hotels. Three star hotels are also good. Paris hotels are made for your needs. Many Paris hotels offer special equipment for the disabled, which is a good thing because you are many people with special needs.

Some of the best rated hotels in Paris combine Hotel Bristol. The hotel is rated three stars. The hotel is close to Champ-Ely looks and Madeleine; This hotel was rated 3 stars as it is Hotel Castes and its near Musee du Louvre. Another great hotel in Paris is the three star Hotel Luxembourgoubou Parc near St Germain. Many other hotels in Paris are also rated for three. The hotels are all comfortable hotels and do not overlook that Paris wants you to love Paris as they love it so the managers work to accommodate you. Paris hotel managers are sure that the whole family will enjoy their stay. The hotels serve daily breakfast, which is a good way to start your morning.

Remember that you want to live in nearby areas where you may want to visit when you choose hotels in Paris. For example, if you want to visit Aldaz restaurant, search for a hotel in this region.

How to choose your restaurant:

When it comes to food, what's the biggest, let's see what we can develop while we visit Paris. If you are in the mood for a couple of middle eastern foods, you will want to use this resonance to size, that is Aldaz. Perhaps you do not have an Eastern flavor, then visit Aubacou, which serves some of the most beautiful French dishes in town.

You probably have a trip and are busy eating, so you like going to Angelina, which is a tea cafe that serves sandwiches and salads for all the busy people on the run. Then they have the blue elephant, which Asian food is served here. As you can see, parading along the streets of Paris, you have many choices to make.

How do I decide persecutions before I return to my hotel?

Then you could decide that you want to carry that food. Good for you, as Paris offers you many things you can do before returning to the hotel.

Maybe you just want to go for a walk through the gardens or take a ride on the horse and the carriage. You can also have a drink and some dancers so why not visit the Baiser pub. Whatever you decide, you will make the right decision. The primary is that you have fun in Paris.

Source by Wilbur Brooks

Essential links between health and weight

What are the main relationships between weight and health?

Regular body weight, with a BMI of 25 and 25, is associated with your highest chance of excellent well-being. Fat can affect health in different ways and separate overweight and cause a reduction in life of up to 20 years. The following are a number of more facts and numbers:

· Many individuals develop cancer because they are obese.

· The cancer forms most involved in body weight are uterine cancer, breast cancer, renal cancer and cancer of the intestines and esophagus, whereas there is a connection between prostate cancer in men and overweight. Excess body fat is metabolically active tissue, which causes carcinogens.

· The link between type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes and above normal weight is very strong. For example, overwhelming women who are thirty-three fifty, invisible periods are at greater risk of forming the disease than those with a BMI that is less than twenty-two.

· Middle-aged adults who have diabetes and / or high blood pressure (an elevated relationship that will also be overweight) are more likely to suffer from dementia.

· Obese bumper fat to form elevated blood pressure and the incidence in adult adults is almost three times greater than in non-overweight adults. High blood pressure is a danger factor for heart disease.

· Even at body weights, only ten percent higher than regular deaths from coronary heart disease are enhanced. It is now considered to be overweight an autonomous risk factor, as well as increasing the incidence of other risks for heart disease along with high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, abdominal fat and insulin resistance.

Intra-abdominal fat (central fat distribution) is a particular risk factor for a number of situations and premature death. For example, in some analyzes, it has been even closer to non-insulin dependent diabetes than at much higher than average weight and is closely linked to insulin resistance. People with congested abdominal fat are at greater risk of coronary cardiovascular disease and high blood strength than those with fat on the hips and thighs. Intra-abdominal fat is also associated with greater risk of hormonal cancer, especially breast cancer, ovulatory dysfunction and sleep apnea.

Source by David D Hunter

Why is a healthy breakfast every morning so important?

So many times I've heard my friends tell me that by skipping breakfast they expect to lose weight a little. But one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to skip breakfast, because after a good night sleep of 7 to 9 hours your body runs out of fuel. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning is the battle that turns on the fire to help you start your day.

The consumption of a healthy breakfast increases your metabolism and kick starts your body in gear. When you skip a meal, especially a very important as a breakfast, your body will not treat your next meal as fast as it will; It will try to hold on to it. Your body will use the stored energy to perform and will tell your system to save more fat in your cells.

Spring over breakfast will also increase the chance of diseases such as diabetes, heart attack and obesity. Studies have also shown that people who run breakfast are much heavier than those who enjoy a daily nutritious breakfast.

Eating breakfast is actually good for weight loss and maintaining healthy body weight because it reduces hunger for the rest of the day. It will help you avoid overeating and making the right choices for the rest of the day.

A healthy breakfast should include protein such as low fat meat, eggs, dairy products or beans and fibers such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Example of a healthy breakfast: a boiled egg, an orange or an apple with a piece of whole grain bread and a glass of low fat milk.

I have also heard many other excuses why people do not eat breakfast at all: "I'm just not hungry …" "In my morning, I just do not have time for it …" "The coffee is my breakfast .. . "

Stop these excuses and treat your body properly!

All the organs of the body, including your brain, need energy to function properly. So do not make a mistake and skip breakfast or any other important meal of the day.

For those of you who think that skipping the breakfast you will lose weight, in the long run you may become lost because your metabolism will slow down and your body will burn less fat.

You want to look good and have a healthy body right? So be careful about it with nutritious food, especially in the morning.

Source by Eva Hunyak

How to stay longer in bed and make the women mad

One of the most common sexual problems faced by men across the world is the inability to stay longer in bed. This problem, commonly referred to as premature ejaculation, can have serious consequences not only on a relationship, but it can kill a man's self-confidence and make him believe he is good for nothing. In this article we will find out about some reasons for early ejaculation and things that a person can do to extend his time in bed.


The problem of early ejaculation may be due to many factors, but the main reasons are over expression, depression, substance abuse, unwanted sexual partners and sometimes regular habits of masturbation can also lead to it.

How to overcome early ejaculation

The good thing is that this problem of not sleeping anymore is bed, can be easily treated if you are willing to introduce some healthy lifestyle changes in your life.

This condition is primarily the mind, and the nervous system since developing a habit of meditation will be extremely helpful as it calms the nerves and balances the nervous system.

Exercise regularly will also help improve your endurance levels, which is very important to go the extra step in front of all inclusive sex.

Then you can also use natural herbs like medania somnifera and epimedium that have the same effect as meditation. They soothe the nerves and make the body relax, it helps to get better control over your ejaculation time.

The following simple steps can easily help you last longer, provided you are highly willing to follow them.

Source by Shekhar Malhotra

Weight loss – Strip the fat

The problem of weight has become one of the most important topics of interest not only in the United States but worldwide. Ca. 70% of the United States population is overweight, which corresponds to 210 million people. Wearing extra weight increases many health risks to overweight people. Some are less like the cold and miserable knees. Others are more serious as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

The key to weight loss changes your dining plan. Most people eat healthy where they can lose weight if they just helped out their body by keeping their metabolism high all day long. These people reduce their metabolism by overloading their bodies with large meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals overwork the body and make it difficult for them to break down and digest the food.

A big change eats smaller, but more frequent meals throughout the day. This allows you to continue to eat the foods you love, but still lose the extra weight you carry. These smaller meals achieve this because they allow the body to function properly and digest food at a pace that can be done. This keeps the body's circulation temperature high, which will help you lose weight by burning most calories, possibly throughout the day and at night.

The best time to start this diet is today. You will eat all your favorite foods, but just change the portions you eat in each meeting. You will still eat the same amount of food, if not more during the day.

Source by Costa McMichael

5 Holiday Weight Loss Tips & Their Real Estate Control

Do you find it almost impossible to remain conscious and controversial about weight and nutrition during the holidays? Of course you do. More than half of all Americans are overweight: You are not alone.

A new government survey might give you a glimpse of hope: The survey shows that Americans only win around a pound during the vacation. The survey showed that the participants were influenced by two main factors during the holiday: the level of hunger and the level of their activity. In other words, those who reported to be less active or hungry during the holiday had the greatest weight gain.

So common sense says: If you can be focused on dealing with just these two things, you will surely win your personal vacation weight loss fight. At least you will win by not adding more weight to what is already waiting to be shed.

"An ounce of prevention is a pound of weight gain," says Dr. Samuel Klein, Director of the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University in St. Petersburg Louis Louis, MO. "Preventing weight gain is much easier and better than actually gaining weight and then try to get it gone again."

So the answer seems simple: Eat less and exercise more. The reality of implementation is of course far more difficult.

The good news is that most people overestimate how much weight they have earned during their vacation. Less than 10% get 5 pounds or more.

The bad news is: The small amount of weight gained is never lost. A pound of weight gain is quite small, but since it is usually not lost again: the weight adds over time – to obesity.

Now we all know that there are lots of tips out and about this season, designed to help us keep away from spending the extra pound or two in the holiday. Unfortunately, what does not usually talk about is: The reality of the daily holiday stress and situations. Let's examine the tips … along with their reality controls … in depth:

Weight Loss Tip 1: Get active. The best thing you can do is try to stick to your normal schedule and routine.

Holiday Reality Check: It's quite hard to have some sort of decent routine during the busy months of November and December. Occupied people tend to sacrifice yoga classes, long walks and visits to the gym because they need time for extra things like decorating the house, cooking, cleaning up before visitors come there and of course: Shopping.

The good news: Walk around the mall and shops are good exercise and it is also to clean the house. In addition to these activities, decorating can also be very intense: You climb up and down to hang things; lift, lug and pull boxes out of storage; bending, turning and turning to make it all look right. So do not beat yourself to not do it to the gym … you get lots of activity and every little bit helps!

Weight loss Tip 2: Do not be too hungry. If you go to a party and you starve, everything will look even more delicious than usual. And of course you eat a lot more because of it. Try to start each day with a good, healthy breakfast – especially something with protein. And when you're at the party, try to melt the vegetables to help you feel full. These two things will help your hunger to be under control and will help you to refrain from "gorging" on everything you see just because you are famished.

Holiday Reality Check: We are all very busy during the holidays, and it is not always possible to remember to eat – let alone eat well – especially in the morning, where we may already have a sleeper and are running late for everything. And it is not always possible to eat healthy at a party: Not everyone in this country serves vegetarian plates, salads or fruit bowls. Sometimes the only thing in the place is junk: Chips, candy and cookies.

Here's a suggestion: Try to bring your own veggie plate to a party where you know there will not be one available. A quick and easy way to do this is simply to buy a bag or two of pre-cut veggies and some ranch salad dressing. Alternatively, you can have a decent meal before going to the party. Do not overdo things, but do not make it easy for a snack. Eating first will help you just to "nibble" a bit on the worst of the excursions offered.

Weight Loss Tip 3: Stay away from the food. Literally. Just do not go anywhere near the buffet table, appetizers or treat … and you'll be fine.

Holiday Reality Check: In most cases the food is everywhere. And even if it's not right in front of your face, you can probably smell it! Trying to "stay away from it" is quite unrealistic – and it may feel like torture for some of us. And for most: When you can not get anything you want it even more. So trying to stay away from the food will most likely just make you overwhelm worse than you would otherwise have.

Try this instead: Allow yourself what you want. But with a catch. First: Take only half the amount you would normally. And take only a food item. Eat it and enjoy it without guilt. So wait a full 20-30 minutes before you get anything else. Then repeat the process: One item, half size size as you normally would, enjoy it without guilt, then wait before you get anything else.

Knowing that you're going to eat, eliminates the mentality of "I can not get it (and I'm more determined to have it)." It allows you to enjoy the good food and holidays without striking yourself. This is healthy and can help enormously with the way you see food and eat in general. Only taking half of it yourself will help you not consume so much calories, fat, sugar or other bad things you usually avoid. And then wait 20-30 minutes before you get anything else, your body helps to realize when it's enough … or too much. So you are much less inclined to overdo things and feel terrible physically later.

Weight Loss Tip 4: Use clothes that are slightly close to you. This will help you feel faster and stop eating too much food.

Holiday Reality Check: We want to wear looser clothes because we look forward to eating all the good food! Yes, wearing something tight can help us not go back to another potato potatoes … or it can destroy a favorite equipment.

Finally, how to approach this tip is up to you and you alone. Make your decision and be happy with it.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Keep your servings small. Try to put on lettuce and vegetables and just take small amounts of something else.

Holiday Reality Check: To take just a "bit size" amount of something will put you in the non-mental state mentioned earlier. You feel like you can not have anything and you want it more.

Try the above tip instead: Take half the size you would normally like. Trying to get a little bit of pie will make your appetite more, but having a whole piece goes a little overboard – especially if there are 5 different pies for you to try. Then try the actual sampling instead: Cut half a piece of the normal size. This allows you to get an "entire slice" and more than few small bites. Then wait approx. 20 minutes before you go and try the next pie. Even if you end up eating a little of all 5 pies by having half a slice of each, you have drastically reduced the amount of calories, carbohydrates and sugars compared to what you would have had with whole slices. And you will still feel full and satiated, instead of discouraged and disgusting.

So there you have: 5 different, common vacation weight loss and eating tips followed by reality checking each and a compromise that will help you enjoy your vacation to their fullest without sacrificing yourself by the good food we all look forward to.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to actually have Happy Holidays!

Source by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Bouldering in Bishop, California

I breathed heavily and my palms sweated. I moved my hands and feet up the cliff as the muscles in my body recalled and I did not dare look down. I told myself I had to do it … and when I finally made it to the top, a massive wave of relief poured over me … And that my dear friends was the story of how I climbed my first V0 highball.

There was no mercy, there were no flaws, and I was sure I could have climbed (what is considered to be the easiest bouldering class in climbing) with a little more elegance, but Ms. .. Never do a -Highball did finally his first highball.
Location: Bishop, California
Coordinates: 37.3635 ° N, 118.3951 ° W
Elevation: 4200ft
Type of climb: Boulder, Sport, Trad
Geology: Vulcan Tuff, Quartz Monzonit
] Known for: Premier Highball Bouldering
Prime Season: Nov-April
Stars (out of 5): 5 *

It was 4 months in our relationship when David and I went on our first weeklong road trip together. I thought that it was a survival test that was masking like a climb, but what better way to learn if your girlfriend is the one who is locked in a wheeled metal box for 20 hours? Fortunately, the relationship came alive, and 20 long hours later we made it to the countries with skin-sharpening spheres.

The actual city bishop is quite large, and the residents and visitors consist of not only climbers, but also by other outdoor enthusiasts. The locals are blessed to have the popular bakery known as Erick Schat's Baker Famous for their original Shepherder Bread®. For us, their chilli cheese bread was a great way to revive our bodies after a hard climb, though I'm sure many high-performance athletes would have disagreed …

For $ 2 USD a night we stayed in "Pit" campsite. Our residential unit was David's Green Honda Element, commonly known as "Hulk". The back of the SUV was transformed wisely as our sleeping space, dampening the hard-plastic soil using a tattered, sad-looking Madrock crash pad.

During the week we were there we had a simple routine. I called it, "The Folketing's routine" … (without any other obvious reason than it sounds pretty naughty "amazing"). The days would always begin with the sweet light of nature, the sun, the sun. After having a light breakfast of yogurt and cereal we would clean up, pack up the collision pads and go straight into town for our first stop. We needed our daily boost of caffeine, and our go-to was Looney Bean, a coffee shop just off the main road. There we would update on our social media and write home again to let our family and friends we still live.

After our morning tasks we went out to play!

There were three main mountain areas that David was most familiar with:

1) The sweetcorn (his favorite)
2) The Happy Boulders
3) The Sad Boulders

On our The first day we look up Happy. It was fairly cloudy that afternoon, but the conditions were good. Warmer days made it harder to climb due to less friction; Cooler days were favurable. Happy was where I climbed my first highball. I was not quite upset at first, but when you are in the highlands, you have to climb a highball …

After our first day of preparation for the week ahead, we went back to town and grabbed some important things , sometimes food and toothbrushes. Our meals were not too extravagant, but they probably beat a lot of other campers & # 39; meals. (It happens quite often when your boyfriend is a great cook, even with the most limited resources.)

On the consecutive days we will mainly climb the milk. This climb is probably the most famous, if not the most popular area in Bishop. It is home to some of the hardest routes in the world such as Mandala V12 and Evilution V11 in the milk.

A unique function of the milk includes the highs that could reach up to 5 stories high in the top. While highball climbs are those I'm shy of, it's amazing and terribly inspiring to see other climbers pushing their mental games.

During our entire stay we had two rest days. One was sent to a natural hot source in a slightly secret location (where I will only reveal the place of residence in exchange for your favorite location … or "Google"); The second day of rest was used in a remote stretch of brush and weeds where we basked in the sun, played around and drank beer. We also had a game with "pull body hair out with tweezers", but it was old really fast.

Some evenings we had big bonfires and invited our neighbors to beer. One special night I drew out my ukulele and our neighbor Yve bought over her mandolin. Together we sat down over the dance flame and into the night. It's quite wild, yet clear how a place can bring so many people on different roads together.

Bishop, hands down, has been one of my favorite playgrounds. It is a country where desert plains are dusty with sand-colored stone leaves resembling colossal eggs; where the view from the top is remarkably different but nevertheless magically all the same. Bishop, see you again one day.

Source by Justina Lee

Billard – The Beginning

Billiards – The Beginning – It is assumed that the game of billiards occurred some time in the 15th century in France and spread to England. This was a form of entertainment for Europeans. At that time, people could play games like the bowling lawn, which historically grew into a game similar to the croquet.

Over the years the game was moved indoors and raised from the floor to a table height. The problem of playing billiards on a table was that the balls were rolled away, so wooden rails or bumpers were attached to the edges of the table to keep balls in play. The first pool table dates back to around 1470 when King Louis XI had one. King Louis & # 39; pool table only had one pocket in the middle of the table. At the 1500's the pool tables were common in taverns and public places in France. Around 1600 another modification was made with the addition of rubber strips to the wooden rails. These were used as pillows to give the balls added jump by mounting the edges of the table. The rubber also served to protect the trenches from chipping. Pillows, also called Rail Cushions, were placed on the inside of the table's wooden rails. The pillows were made of a vulcanized rubber and the purpose was to get the billiard balls to recover the rubber while minimizing the loss of kinetic energy. The profile rail of the rail pad, which is the angle relative to the bed on the table, varies between table types. The standard American pool table has a base of 1-3 / 16 "and a nose height of 1". This causes the balls & # 39; rebound to be a little predictable during play.

A green cloth covered the table to look like the lawns. The pockets were started on the table instead of the targets from the lawn. The purpose of the game was to use a ball to hit the other balls in the pockets. Since then, more pockets have been added until the present number of six pockets evolved. As an interesting remark, the results of pool games in wider reading than war news during the civil war were read. Professional pool players assisted in promoting the popularity of the game creates a myth about a pool shark or hustler. Pool has arisen in a game that has since seen a lot of changes in technology and socialization. Around 1826 a dramatic change was made in the pool table, and an Englishman invented the slate house, which made it a much smoother surface to play. Slate used in the tables is derived from quarries, mainly in China and sent to factories for inspection as only the best pieces are used in the pool tables. The slates are cut and planned to the desired thickness and then drilled with diamond drills that cut 18 nails and 6 pockets at a time. A grinding machine then slides the surface and improves the thickness of the slate. The edges are cut by hand.

The popularity of the game increased as more people took an interest. In America, billiard became popular in the 19th century. There were books written about billiards and rules to guide players. Occasionally, a company began to manufacture the equipment to play and the game became known as the pool. The name "pool" means a bet or ante made on the game.

Source by Fran A Davis

My Secret Get Ripped Diet Exposed – Easy diet to pour fat

So many people want to know what the great secret to losing weight and how to keep it away. I want to share with you the steps I took and have now shared with others to do the same.

I use to believe that you had to do tons of cardio and spend hours in the gym on the treadmill. This is what most people think, and that is why they never really reach their fitness goals. The truth is, to throw fat, you need to understand your body and how many calories it takes to maintain your weight. Ok … there's a little more to it, but you'll soon find out that this has the most to do with your results.

You see … I use to exercise all the time and think everything took to lose weight and sculpted my body, but it never worked, and I wondered why. Then I decided to commit to the 60 day training program Insanity, which has now changed my life. What I learned is that your 80% of your results are from your diet and 20% from your exercise programs. Do not make me wrong, Shaun T. kicked my ass and worked for 60 days. But … without my diet in place, I would never have lost more than 18 kg and 5 inches from my waistband.

Ok … so now what you've been waiting for. Here I have called my personal plan, which helps someone lose weight and throw fat quickly. I broke it down into 5 steps to make it easy to follow and understand.

Step # 1 – Calculate Calorie Daily Intake

Find out your maintenance scale, take your body needs first. You can do this online by searching for your Basal Metabolic Rate ( BMR ). This is what your body needs to breathe daily. Normally, you add about 500 calories to normal exercise, you perform like going to the car, vacuum and normal things. It would be your daily maintenance calorie counter for the day.

Step # 2 – Create Calorie Deficit

If you want to lose body fat so you can expose these muscles or abs, you will want to scale your calories back by 300 to 500, so you are now in a calorie shortage. This will allow your body to burn fat, but still keep your muscles lost.

Step # 3 – Eat 5 to 6 meals per. Day (Very Important)

Following this diet plan, you will not starve yourself. You want to keep your metabolism lasting all day long. I like to think of it like a fire. If you want to keep your house warm with a fire and you do not want it to go out. You must have a tendency to fire and keep it burning. That's what we do with our metabolism. You will burn more calories spread your meals instead of eating 3 big meals during the day.

Step # 4 – Exercise of at least 40 minutes per. Day

Depending on whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, do 40-50 minutes of exercise every day or at least 5 times a week. If you want to speed up the process, you can do a lot of intense training and you will lose super fast as I did.

Step # 5 – Choosing the Right Food

Ok … it's time to shop and get the foods that keep you full longer and keep your body running on the maximum potential to lose weight and gain muscle .

Here is a list of foods I eat regularly. Of course I do not eat them all together. I choose just a few to give me the calories I need for my daily work. Everyone is different depending on whether they try to lose weight or maintain their weight.

My Get Ripped Diet

I only select a few foods from each list. These are just examples of what I eat. You do not want to eat 3 apples a day. I usually eat only 1 or maybe 2. Fruit has a lot of sugar, so you want to minimize the fruit you have, but you want something in your diet.

Meal # 1 – Breakfast Food:

Eggplant, Oatmeal, Blueberries, Strawberries, Turkey Bacon, Whole Wheat Bread, Broccoli, Onion, Pork, Greek Yogurt

Meal 2 – Midnight Snack:

Protein Chop, natural peanut butter, banana, apple, almonds, oatmeal

Meal 3 – Lunch:

Skinny meat like chicken or tuna, salad, broccoli, carrots, cheese, wheat bread, apple, 12 almonds, string cheese, sweet potato.

Meal # 4 – Afternoon Cuisine:

Protein Bar, 12 Almonds, Carrots, Apple, Turkey Jerky, Protein Shake

Meal # 5 – Dinner Options:

Lean Meat Like Chicken, Fish or Turkey Burger, Salad , Steamed Vegetable, Pinto Beans, Cottage Cheese, Sweet Potato. I usually have only one sweet potato once or twice a week. If you try to lose weight, I'll skip the carbohydrates after dinner.

Meal # 6 – Nightly Snack:

Protein Shake, Greek Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, 12 Almonds

Tip: My night food is usually cottage cheese. People are not aware that the protein in cottage cheese is the slow digestive type. This allows the protein to keep your body running during the night so you do not run out of fuel and get in a hunger status. When your body runs out of fuel, it begins to grab your muscle and it's bad. Keeping muscles has been said to help lose weight and burn fat. Always eat something small like cottage cheese approx. 1 hour before bed.

So … that's my personal plan that works for me and should be for you. All you have to do now is Do it!

Commit yourself to try this for 30 days and see if you notice a difference. I bet you will!

Source by Scott Volker