G-Spot Position – How to Find Step-by-Step Guide


Although the g-site is crawled in mystery, it's actually quite easy to find out if you know how to look for it and this is what this article is about how to find the g-place.

Find and stimulate it, and you will give your partner's immunity sexual pleasure, so here's your guide.

Men in the past were hunters and trackers. They had to find their prey to survive.

Today's man sees it, has lost (or at least forgotten) the great talent.

Although it is forgotten if you can follow some simple instructions and you have at least the basic equipment, you can find g-spot.

The benefits of finding it and exciting it will be worth exercising.

Basic Woman's Anatomy

G-spot (especially the Gräfenberg site named after the German doctor who first found it and documented it), the female genital area is just behind the pubic bone and it surrounds the urethra .

Sound confusing? Let's start by opening the vagina (impossible to miss and if you want to search a little more, you can see the urethra from where a woman is urinating).

If you assume that the vagina is opened, and using a lubricated finger like a probe (the middle finger works best), proceed approx. 4 inches straight in.

The spine has a top and bottom and bottom boundary rectum and anus, and the top limits the bladder.

That's the top we're interested in here.

Do not go too far into the vagina as you reach the cervix, which is the uterus's mouth.

You've passed g-spot if you're already there.

So you assume that you are only about 4 inches into the vagina, feeling your fingertips the top surface.

You will feel some tissue that is somewhat coarser than the tissue around it. There is the g-place or most of it.

If you can imagine that the woman's clitoris is more of an internal and external organ, its nerve endings (or ends) begin with the area you feel … g-spot. Found it?


G-Spot Stimulation

Popular Myths about Masculinity and Female Misconception of Big Penis & # 39; will have little to do with stimulation of g-spot.

If you have an average penis and can hold an erection, you can stimulate g-spot and bring your lady partner to a profound's orgasm.

How is this done?

You need the correct sexual position and there is a good position that is ideal for g-spot stimulation.

The first is with the man sitting on the edge of a bed, and the woman is mounted on him with her legs wound around her back.

The male's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina, and the woman precisely adjusts the depth to stimulate g-spot.

No impact is required or required.

Just raise the erection, push as hard as possible from the pelvis area, so penis puts pressure on the g-spot.

The rest is automatic from the woman, and soon she comes to a deep and satisfying orgasm.
This position also stimulates the woman's clitoris, and this dual stimulation causes this large
female orgasm.

G-Spot Stimulation Variations

A man can insert two lubricated fingers, fingernail downwards, and in a "come here" movement, push the two fingers toward the g-spot area.

This is a very good technique also done during cunnilingus and has a very positive effect on a woman's ability to orgasm and re-orgasm in quick success.


Source by Sacha Tarkovsky