Handling of early pregnancy back pain

Usually women suffer a certain amount of back pain in early pregnancy. However, this pain generally weakens after the 20th week of pregnancy. Most women suffer from early pregnancy back pain due to softening of supportive ligaments and discs due to an increase in progesterone hormone. Some women may develop urinary infection while they are pregnant, and it can also result in back pain. Inevitably, back pain occurs in pregnant women due to center of gravity changes.

The best way to deal with early pregnancy's back pain is to do exercise. If you start exercising early in pregnancy, you will relieve the symptoms of back pain. In addition, you will also end up toning your body and preparing for work and delivery.

Additionally, pay close attention to your body posture. If it has been determined to have the right body after pregnancy plays a major role in relieving back pain during pregnancy. In early pregnancy, make sure you stand straight and upright with your shoulder folded back instead of slashing. But in late pregnancies, most women suffer from back pain because the womb becomes large with the child and the women tend to pull their shoulders back to cope with the extra weight. This can cause backbone, resulting in back pain.

Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. You should also avoid strenuous activities as this tends to aggravate early pregnancy back pain. Another way to deal with early pregnancy's back pain is to do yoga. You will be able to relieve back pain by doing appropriate yoga exercises. You should also look for special massage for pregnant women to help you handle early pregnancy back pain. However, if your back pain persists and you are having difficulty going for your regular activities, you should contact your doctor who can prescribe physical therapy or pain medication.

Source by Pauline Go