Landscape planning and hardscape elements

So much time designing a landscape is devoted to plants, trees, shrubs, flowers and soot … all too often, the functioning elements in a landscape forget. The Denver Metropolitan Council is filled with traces of homes that are located at 50 times. In new construction, a builder must only sell a 3-bit concrete to the backyard. Even after a homeowner buys a house, there is once again a house that puts a 10×10 piece of concrete, leaving the majority of the backyard grass. You see homeowners and designers who put trees and plants in seedlings instead of islands or mulch beds. There is no design for lighting and no design for outdoor living. With Denver 300 plus sunny days, this is a perfect condition for outdoor living. When designing a back yard in Denver, a person should really consider things like …

· Where should I grill?
· What is my focus area? (You should consider fireboxes and outdoor fireplaces)
· Where should the shed go?
· Should we have a play structure?
· What kind of entertaining will we do in our yard or in our back yard?

Now, we all know that the price is a definitive factor in building outdoor living space, but I can not tell you how many times we have come to a two-year house with a skid loader to erase an existing landscape, as a homeowner in half-heartedly. If you look at it with the money spent in the long run, they use double. We always encourage homeowners to start with a professional design that contains the "big picture". This is the # 1 topic we encourage people to spend money on. It would turn out to be a worthwhile investment. We feel it is better to wait for a 3 "thick tree or buy smaller trees than to shine on the courtyard size and other hardscape items.

We get many people who think they can handle without sprinkler systems." We just want water with a snake. "For 6 months they always call and ask if we can help watering the trees, bushes and soot as they die. Unfortunately, it's too late at this time. Just because of this story is that invest in planning … get the hardscape items in the size you need them in, do not skimp on the mechanical part (sprinkler and drainage) and if you have to wait for next year to bring the trees and shrubs you will stay much happier in the long run.

Source by Justin Lee Case