A Dog's Tale

My name is Shadrach, and I'm a dog – a big, beautiful, elegant and intelligent dog. No, I'm not in vain, that's just what my mother always tells me, so I suppose it's true. I am now 4 years old and live a big dog's life! I get extraordinary quality food – my mother and dad believe to give me organic food, with fresh vegetables and meats every day – so I can not complain. They always buy toys that I love to terrorize, because that's what she's doing. I have my own big bed in my own bedroom and I love it. I have a big farm, and I like to bend and chase doves and cats who dare to step into my room.

The only thing I do not like is having to take a bath unless it's with garden hose in the yard – that's fun! The best part is, I get lots and lots of love with hugs and kisses from my mother every day. My favorite games are drag-o-war and hunting. I'm a dozen-o-warrior in my house. Chase is so funny because I'm very fast and my people rarely can catch me!

The best part of my day goes to the park where I can meet with my dogs and friends.

However, this great dog's life was not always mine. My mother and dad have no idea who my dog's mother was or how I came to be with the bad people. My mother cousin (what it is) saved me from the bad people. She found out that I was left alone in a dark garage to just die. The bad people did not want to feed me or care more – not that they everave me a lot of food to start with.

Most of the time, they left me alone in the yard, in the garage or even in a dark bathroom sometimes. My mother's cousin knows them and that's how my mom and dad know all of this. The bad hit and kicked me a lot and I do not even know why. I guess why I still do not like very many men. I love my dad myself and some other men I know from the park that lives with my girlfriends. My mother's cousin took me home and fed me, but I had to live with her other dogs. They did not like me much and beat me up, every chance they got – as usual every day! I was so thin and small that I just could not fight back and it was too cold for me to be outside all the time. Thank goodness, my new mom and dad got me the week before Christmas four years ago.

They spoiled me right away. They greet me good food several times a day. My mother would not let me eat much at once because my stomach was too small to handle a lot of food at once. I would do! I kept my tail tucked between my legs while you ate for a long time because I was always afraid. After a while, I knew that I could only eat and that would be safe. I got my own little bed in a kennel where I could feel safe at night – in the house!

Now life is so good. I am big and strong now and hard. Men are more afraid of me now, because I'm so big and hard. My coat is shiny and clean and not boring and dirty as before. My mother even gives me a special supplement, which I suppose is really a treat. She puts it in a bowl and I drink every drop because it is so good. My mom and dad really love me and I'm happy now. My only wish is that when people get a dog they will take care of them and love them. Otherwise, it's better if they do not take us home with them. We rely on our people to love us and take care of us and not hurt us. We want to live with our people forever – not until they get bored. So please come home if we can stay with you.

Thank you, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Source by Dr.