Easy Uric Acid Cure – How to Eliminate Uric Acid Gout for 2 Hours of Bicarbonate of soda

Here you will discover a simple uric acid treatment using soda. When you suffer from arthritis, many people are first thoughts drug-based treatments. But something as simple as a bicarbonate of soda can remove the pain and symptoms of arthritis quite quickly. More and more patients turn to natural treatments to eliminate their arthritis symptoms.

The advantage of using bicarbonate of soda as an easy uric acid treatment is that it can help;

(1) dissolve uric acid crystals
(2) reduce pain
(3) make uric acid more soluble and easier to excrete
(4) increase body fluid volume that helps kidneys do their work more Effectively
(5) Increases urine pH, which helps reduce the risk of developing uric acid kidney stones

But before I show you your uric acid treatment in detail, let's quickly go over what causes your arthritis symptoms of redness, swelling, heat, inflammation and extreme pain. These are actually caused by crystals that have formed in your joints; most common big toe, although other joints can be affected. They are so painful because the crystals are in the form of small needles, which can be seen clearly below the microscope.

The crystals themselves are formed from excess uric acid in the bloodstream, as your kidneys have not been able to properly treat. Uronic acid is a byproduct of degradation of natural purines in your body cells and food. Purines are chemical compounds that play an important role in providing our protein and energy needs. Usually your kidneys then treat and discharge excess uric acid from your body via urine. But sometimes it does not work properly and you end up with excess oxygen in your blood, thus crystals and a gout attack.

And because many arthritis suffer from really uncomfortable side effects using common drug-based treatment, they become more and more natural rheumatisms that do not have these side effects and are also much cheaper. These are things like dietary changes (remember purines!), Herbs, natural supplements, special fruits and berries like cherries and strawberries etc.

A natural remedy, which many people do not know about, are bicarbonate of soda. Once mixed with water and taken over for a period of time, it can relate the symptoms fairly quickly; in as little as 2 hours depending on the severity of the gout attack.

How to take your uric acid cure …

Add half a teaspoon bicarbonate to 8 ounces of water (a typical 8 oz glass). Make sure to mix thoroughly. Stick to the following schedule: Drink a glass just before going to bed; a glass immediately getting up in the morning; a glass every 2 to 4 hours in between meals. Do not take more than 4 teaspoons of bicarbonate per. Day, ie 8 glasses per Day. Continue with this regime until symptoms disappear.

Since soda is high in sodium, you need to reduce your salt intake (salt and diet). And if you suffer from high blood pressure, check your blood pressure. If it increases, treatment should be stopped immediately. In any event, consult your doctor before starting the course.

Now many people have found this urine acid cure to be very effective. But it's simply used to eliminate the symptoms of an actual arthritis attack, it can not prevent your arthritis from returning. And repetition of arthritis should be avoided at all costs, as it – in addition to the unpleasant pain – can cause persistent joint injuries and kidney problems down the purchase. So it's not enough just to continue to treat the symptoms when they occur, you should prevent them from returning again.

Source by John Cielo