Rajasthan Sariska – A trip to the old tiger country known for its wildlife

Sariska, which is only 239 km southwest of Delhi and takes about 4 hours from Delhi, is known for its wild sanctuary. Sariska uses to be a hunting reserve of kings and royal Alwar. The castle near Sariska shows itself.

The best time to visit the Sardinian National Park is in the winter of October to February, where many migratory birds attract the Sariska National Park. Shrine is closed during months of rain. Many books have already been written about this wildlife park because of its popularity. You will not see many tigers as the tigers go out here, but you can watch different migratory birds and deer in the Aravalli hills. Governmnt has taken many steps to protect tigers as you can spot some. The best time to visit inside the park is in the morning and in the evening.

Some animals that can be seen here are deer creations like nilgai, chital, sambar, long-haired (big-haired monkey and black face) and monkey looking through the trees. You can also sometimes see Leopard, jackal, wild dog in the bushes. If you are a very excited bird counter then you can see white breasted kingfisher, snake eagle, big Indian horned owl and some other popular migratory birds. The most pleasant part of the trip will be to drive through the park. There are jeeps available, which must be reserved in advance near the port.

For wildlife partners who are also interested in history and culture, a trip around medieval ruins with in and near Sariska is worth considering. The top attraction among Kankwari fort where Mughal Prince Dara was held in captivity by his brother Aurangzeb. Visit some of the very popular temples of Lord Shiva, also called Neelkanth built in the 6th and 13th centuries.

Source by Luther M