Great Breakfast Idea – Eat It Do not Leap It

Are you tired of eating the same boring bowl of sugar-coated cereals for breakfast every morning, or maybe you've been in the bad habit of skipping breakfast all the time? Here is a good breakfast idea for you: Think outside the (grain) box when it comes to breakfast food. Do not get into the window to think you do not even have to go for breakfast. Here are some reasons why breakfast is important:

  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
  • People who eat breakfast in general are not as likely to be overweight as those who do not
  • Breakfast gives your energy body should begin your day
  • When you have breakfast, you refill your body's shops after sleeping all night
  • Students who have a healthy breakfast have higher general grades
  • Employees who eat breakfast are doing better at work

North Americans seem to think that breakfast consists of a bowl of sugar-coated cold grain that is doused with milk. You do not mean that? Well, it does not need it. Sugar-coated cold cereals are not actually a nutritious breakfast. Most cold grains are not even whole grains, which makes them even more devoid of value. In a pinch tip you can eat a cold, whole grain grain with low sugar content, but there are many more exciting options out there.

Breakfast Idea: Go International

Borrowing a breakfast idea from another country can just be the change you're looking for. Try one of these exciting options for your next breakfast:

  • In Japan, a traditional breakfast can consist of rice, miso soup and broiled salted salmon.
  • A pioneer-style breakfast can include mashed potatoes and oatmeal cooked with apples and cinnamon.
  • In South Africa they want some fresh eggs cooked for breakfast; thick slices cooked back bacon, fresh homemade bread and salted butter.
  • The Dutch would love handful whole grain bread and an omelet with root vegetables for breakfast.
  • In Spain you can be served some kind of bread pudding for breakfast.
  • Breakfast eggs in Ethiopia are encrypted with tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.

Eggs are a good source of protein and they are boiled ultra quickly. That's why they are
such a popular breakfast product. For a new morning idea, try to make your eggs in another way. They can be roasted, encrypted, poached, boiled, used to make muffins, pancakes or French toast.

Planning to have cereal, fruit and good quality juice available to go with your eggs for breakfast. This helps round the meal and make sure to get all the food groups. Do not remove the vegetable food group from your breakfast menu. Many vegetables make good breakfast complements. For example, some chopped onions sautéed into a small olive oil. Add some remaining mashed potatoes and press down to form a flat patty. When the base is browned, flip over and brown on the other side.

My family's favorite breakfast, especially in the fall when tomatoes are ripe, are toast and tomatoes. Very simple and quick to make, you just make full wheat toast, scattered with mayonnaise instead of butter, and then top with slices of fresh ripe logo. Add a little salt and pepper if desired and serve immediately. Plan to make two each for most people and serve with a cup of milk or juice. They are very delicious. We enjoy them all year round.

If you do not usually eat breakfast, start tomorrow. Try a small breakfast first until you turn it over. Add gradually to your breakfast until you eat a fully balanced meal. Keep it up and see how your health and energy levels are improved. You will be suprised. You will also find that you eat less and are not so grumpy in the morning.

Source by Peggy Hurd