Age and erection – How to get harder erections after 40

Young guys begin to get erections during puberty, and even the least stimulation can awaken them and ensure a rigid solid erection. Although most young men suffer from premature ejaculation, there is no problem getting a hard, firm and solid erection. But as you grow older, a wide range of health issues begin to take a toll on your sexual health and erections.

Weight gain, excessive smoking, alcohol abuse over the years and of course increased mental stress are some of the causes that can lead to decreased blood flow to the penis and a drop in your testosterone levels that can result in weak or soft erections or ED.

Age Erections 40

Most middle ages suffer from a drop in their sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Even if you have more time for yourself when you reach 40, it does not seem to fall into place. There are many things in your mind and sex seems to have taken a back seat.

But sex is an important part of your life, and there are some simple ways to increase the rigidity of your erections as well as sex drives.

One of the most important things that can help you to get harder erections is regular exercise. Only a 20 minute walk every morning or evening can make wonders for your erections. Not only this can also be a great help. Try cutting your body fat as excess body fat not only pulls arteries and reduced bloodstream to the penis, but also leads to a high level of estrogen in your body that reduces testosterone production.

Nature's Role Erection Pills

Most men try to treat erectile problems with prescribed medication. Although they can help, they are notorious for their side effects, which can range from a mild headache to something as severe as a heartbeat or vision changes. Not only this, such pills do not work properly if your testosterone level is low.

Herbal or natural erectile pills are safe and free of any kind of pharmaceutical ingredients. They are a perfect combination of herbs and other natural ingredients that have a long history to be used as sexual stimulants for men. Some of the most common ingredients used in such pills are ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma, tribulus terrestris, tongat ali, horny goats, saw palmetto etc.

Such pills can spice up your sex life and give your relationship a new lease of life. Your woman will love to see the change in your libido and sexual strength.

Such pills not only protect rocky erections but also help you produce more sperm. Another advantage is that they can make you much longer in bed. Not only does such pills reduce your refractory period, so you can have more sex sessions in a single night. Increased sexual strength and experience that comes with your age can make you a perfect lover!

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Source by Matt Penn