Put "Breakfast" in Bed and Breakfast: A primer

Wherever you travel, there will be special things about the destination and lodging there. That's why you decided where to go and live there in the first place. Perhaps it's the scenic view, history, people or attractions that make it a place you want to go to. And when it comes to rooms, well, there are usually all kinds of rooms, beds and services that cater to almost every tourist's needs.

But for those of us who absolutely love breakfast and can not find enough ways in the world to experience it, there's nothing like a B & B to make sure your day starts completely. In fact, some people choose a B & B based solely on the kind of breakfast they serve and the menus they create. When a B & B gets a reputation as a good place for breakfast, the world hits its way to its door.

On the other hand, if you visit a B & B you've never been to before, the best way to find out what they serve for breakfast and when they serve it, just ask. Often, this information is found on the B & B website, but if it is not, make sure to give the innkeeper a call. They can give you a feel of the kind of breakfast they earn from the week of the week you plan to visit. This kind of communication is particularly important if you have food allergy that they should have addressed (or other issues like the need for dishes free of gluten or lactose, vegan or vegetarian, etc.).

There are also a variety of dining options found in the B & B:

Buffets: Here guests are served for a certain period of time for a variety of breakfast options that can include traditional and specialty products, as well as fruit, bread cereal. Remember that in this style of dining, guests who come later in the breakfast period can find out that the yummies have been much consumed by the early rises.

Continental: Just like buffets, continental breakfast varies because it usually has a smaller selection of food offerings. While buffets may have stews, eggs or other entrees besides dishes such as pancakes, potatoes and hot cereal, continental breakfast is typically limited to pastries, muffins, toasts, juices and coffee / tea. While it is definitely a good taste, you expect easier continental fare in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Family style: Although a less frequent breakfast buffet, family style breakfast is a B & B tradition that goes back to its very roots. Again, the innkeeper sets the time everyone has to arrive for breakfast. Then meals (sometimes very deep and big!) Are passed around and between guests. Family style breakfast service is as interesting as it sounds – a group of guests communicate together for a meal.

Breakfast for order: In a B & B offering cooked-to-order breakfast, guests have more flexibility about what they eat and when they can eat it. Innkeepers offer breakfast for some hours, and when guests arrive, they can order from a limited number of entrees and a wide selection of other items such as pastries, fruit and even innkeepers specialties. The food is then prepared and cooked to you. Some B & B's even give second and third portions (rule of thumb: make sure you order only what you can actually eat!).

Breakfast in bed: The ideal romantic review. Some B & B's offer this as a matter of their routine, while some will do it for an additional fee. In any case, breakfast in bed is quite the charming travel experience. With the breakfast in bed, guests order the night before from a menu. Next morning, at the desired time, breakfast is delivered to the room, and then cleaned up afterwards. You do not have to dress or, for that matter, even get out of bed. Again, check with your innkeeper to see if this is something they offer.

There you are, a traveler's primer for bed and breakfast styles. As you can see, the quality of the accommodation of each B & B is similar in the same way, so are many many breakfast styles.

Oh, so many breakfasts, so little time to try them all!

Source by Victor Viser, Ph.D.