10 things you need to know before starting a bed and breakfast


1. Make sure you have at least one bathroom for guest use.

2nd Keep the rooms free of charge except for artwork that is discreet. Never force your taste in the art of your guests.

3rd Stick to a color scheme that is soft and modern, you can use the same color scheme between all your rooms as it allows bedding to be "mixed and matched" between spaces, thus ensuring that you do not run out of emergencies.

4th Make sure all electrical appliances in the rooms are fully updated and work well.

5th Always keep your rooms well "dressed" for new arrivals. First impression is the one that makes your guests aware of what kind of B & B you are.

6th Guests can be very sleepy, I'm sorry, but that's something you'll have to put up with, as it's a clear "no no" to organize your beloveds or put them away. Of course, if their fuzzy spread to areas outside their bedroom, you can ask them to think of other guests and keep these rooms tidy.

7 You will find that you will definately define the term "Bed and Breakfast" when guests want to stay throughout the day. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, like older people, who may need more rest than the youngsters.

8 thereof. Never let people who are not booked and logged in stay overnight. This goes without saying by the board if you find them in the morning. Its up to you, if you ask them to leave or charge them for the extra guest, in any way, make sure to have their money in advance.

ninth Decide what to do when paying. Either pays your guests upon arrival or they pay at the end of their stay. Beware of work Placement from businesses, you must always take their money in advance either by card if you have this facility at Pay Pal. The reason for this is because they tend to pull their staff out with very short notice to send them elsewhere so that they leave you with available rooms.

10th Be prepared for all kinds of people, NEVER KNOW how they look like some of the most scruffiest people can be the best and vice versa.

Try to take people to who they are, not what you think they are at the first impression, yes it may be difficult at times but also a pleasure to find out what a lovely person they really are (everyone has a story).

You will make a couple of lifelong friends from your guests. If the guests are completely obnoxious or go too far and want to be friends then ask them to leave as politically as possible. At the end of the day it may be your business, but it's also your home!

I hope you have found value in this, more informative information is available on my website.

Sandy Farnham

Source by Sandy Farnham